Physics Racing Game – Track (Part 1)

In this tutorial, we’ll build a simple physics racing game example. We’ll start with the car & the track. … More Physics Racing Game – Track (Part 1)


How to Use the Destructible Terrain Converter (GMS2)

Hey! I just released an asset for making destructible terrain. Basically, it can convert your existing level (made with either objects or tiles) into a destructible terrain, and has some pretty useful functions for interacting with that terrain. You can purchase the asset here, for only $1.99. In this tutorial, I’ll show how you can … More How to Use the Destructible Terrain Converter (GMS2)

Make Transitions Using Grayscale Gradients

Hey there! In this lecture you’ll learn a technique to make transitions using a grayscale gradient and a shader. Basically, this: You can see that the image appears gradually, based on its lightness. Black pixels appear first and white pixels appear last. Let’s see how it’s done! Shader I’ll create a new shader, and call … More Make Transitions Using Grayscale Gradients