Simple Water Reflection with Tiles – GMS2

Hey there, I’m back with another tutorial! In this one, you’re going to learn how to make reflections using tiles for water. Here’s what we’re going to achieve through this tutorial: This tutorial is for GameMaker Studio 2. This tutorial simply covers the mirroring of sprites and drawing them over tiles. You can have complete … More Simple Water Reflection with Tiles – GMS2

Basic 4-Directional Movement with States

Hey there! In this tutorial we’re going to make a basic 4-directional movement system with states. The states we’re going to have in this tutorial will be “idle”, “move” and “attack”, but after completing this tutorial, you’ll be able to add more states! End result: This should work with both GMS2 and GMS1.4. Sprites First … More Basic 4-Directional Movement with States